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Notaries render a complex service, in the exercise of a public function of the State, carried out in a professional manner. For some people Notaries are all the same and therefore the choice is determined by the cost of the service. This criterion does not take into account what should be the true priority, the identification -performed by the Notary- of the legal instrument most suitable for achieving the desired objectives and the solidity of the proposed solution over time. This is the most important aspect of the profession that differentiates a Notary from another.


The Vincenzo Pistilli Notary Studio is able to create customized solutions for each client and issue.


Clarifications on the Notary's fee:


The total cost that is paid to the Notary Studio is composed of taxes, rates, study expenses strictly related to the practice and fees. Although with the Bersani decree, there was the abolition of the tariffs, for a principle also of professional correctness, the remuneration of the Notary, in this Study, is regulated according to the district/national tariffs established by law. The total compensation due also includes the expenses that the Notary sustains to ensure the efficiency of the organization of the study. The electronic transmission of documents to public registers is in fact possible thanks to an IT infrastructure, created by the Notary completely at their own expense, which links notaries with the Public Administration.

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